Non-surgical solutions to aging.

Fight Depression with Ketamine Therapy

Depression can place massive burdens on a patient and their family. With this understanding, our clinic is working with the breakthrough medication, Ketamine, to help our patients reduce their depression symptoms. Depression In many places, depression is a taboo...

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New Year, Nutritional Therapy

It was a wild year, wasn’t it? We have certainly felt the year’s ups and downs. For many, the New Year is a time to focus on the future, while reflecting on the past. It’s a time many set health goals for themselves - a time to introduce new things into our routines....

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Between Parties: A Weight Loss Solution

Millions of people suffer silently a bit during the holidays, with all the food and festivities reminding us every day of our weight. Our clinic understands where you are, and has some solutions to share with you. Understanding Weight Loss In 2013, The American...

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Skincare: How to Avoid Dry Winter Skin

Winter can be a hard time for our skin. Cold weather and dry weather can cause irritation and redness. These months can leave the skin dry, itchy, rough, and raw. But, you can do 5 things to keep your skin fresh and healthy and combat dry skin in winter. 1 -...

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Autumn Brings a New Skincare Routine

As you run at full speed (well, as fast as you can in this heat) towards Fall, hoping for the slightest relief from the blazing sun, keep in mind that the cooler weather brings its own challenges for your precious skin. Even looking as good as you will in those boots...

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Protect the Glow: Your Guide to Summer Skin Care

Summer is here, and while there’s nothing wrong with a little extra outside play or rocking that gorgeous tan of yours, it’s important to up the ante on your skin care regimen while you’re soaking up some sun. While there are lots of products that you can buy to help...

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