In case you’ve never heard of it, body contouring covers a range of aesthetic procedures which aim to improve the body’s appearance through modifications to its size and shape. Typically, body contouring focuses on the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, waist, or upper arms. There are surgical and nonsurgical ways to undergo body contouring; but in this post, we’ll focus on SculpSure.

1. It uses a non-invasive technique

SculpSure uses laser technology to eliminate fat cells. A (non-painful!) laser is focused on the target area, sometimes using up to 4 devices at a time; and fat cells are heated up, thereby damaging them, whilst the skin is simultaneously cooled. The fat is expelled by the body over time for pain-free and long lasting results.

2. Appointments are quick and easy!

A SculpSure session takes just 25 minutes, and patients can resume daily activities immediately afterwards. In order to achieve the desired results, more than one appointment may be required, however each appointment is typically very fast.

3. Results can be slow

Unlike invasive procedures where you may see more immediate results, the results from Sculpsure can take 6-12 weeks to achieve your desired results. The process is more natural and therefore can take longer for the body to flush out the fat destroyed by the process. A larger surface area and higher quantity of required sessions can increase the time until you see your desired result.

4. The changes are permanent

Ok, so this one comes with a caveat: the fat cells are completely and permanently destroyed, however maintaining the results requires the ability to maintain your weight and body fat levels. If you live a relatively healthy and balanced lifestyle, SculpSure can help you eliminate unwanted fat so that your efforts can go to keeping it off.

5. The procedure isn’t painful

Who doesn’t love the idea of getting great results without the pain?! Patients sometimes report a minor tingling sensation during the procedure, but SculpSure isn’t considered to be painful or intolerable by any means. After an appointment, some patients can experience mild swelling or tenderness, however this is typically gone after a week or two and exercise, work, and other everyday activities are still possible.

Now that you’re armed with a little more information on the ins and outs of body contouring, give us a call if you’re interested in SculpSure, and we can see if you’re a good candidate for the procedure.