Your eyebrows introduce you before you speak. They frame your eyes, balance your face and help you to emphasize emotion. If you have great eyebrows they will compliment and highlight the best features of your face. Today, tomorrow and years from now, it is all about the brows, so make sure you have a killer pair.


Drawing on eyebrows has been around since Cleopatria, but the times are a changin. It is a temporary fix for a long term problem because your environment is going to dictate how long those eyebrows will last. Don’t think about going to the gym, swimming or putting your face in a massage table hole. Your eyebrows will leap-frog to any t-shirt, towel or bed. It’s a horrible feeling to touch your face and realize you could have caused a smudge. Drawing on the brow does the job, but it’s a temporary job and the pay is terrible.


Now microblading, that might be the answer for you. Microblading has been the talk of the brow world for a few years and if you’re someone who spends every morning drawing on their eyebrows, you may want to think of a more permanent solution. With microblading, a very fine blade deposits pigments under the skin to replicate the look of fine eyebrow hair. It can last anywhere from one to two years and the results are amazing.

Microblading is incredibly safe, virtually painless and can last a long time.  It is often compared to the process of tattooing and in a sense that is correct. However, microblading is semi-permanent and it will fade in time. Normally, people will go for a touch up every one to two years.

Microblading will make your eyebrows appear full and natural. It’s great if you struggle with gaps, alopecia or if you just generally have wayward eyebrows.

You are the architect of your face, so seek professional advice and get to work because the world is waiting for your fuller pair of eyebrows.