Winter can be a hard time for our skin. Cold weather and dry weather can cause irritation and redness. These months can leave the skin dry, itchy, rough, and raw. But, you can do 5 things to keep your skin fresh and healthy and combat dry skin in winter.

1 – Humidifying

Your environment affects your skin. Keeping a humidifier in your home is one way to keep your skin from feeling dry and irritated. Experts say that setting your humidifier to 50-60% is good for your skin. Also utilizing a face-humidifier a few times a week can help replenish your skin.

2 – Shorter Showers

Long, hot showers strip the natural oils from your skin. So, when winter strikes, shortened showers can help you keep your natural protections to dry skin. Reducing your bath or shower to 5-10 minutes can help retain your skins’ oily layer and moisture. 

3 – Don’t Scratch

Often times dry air makes our skin irritated and itchy. But the itching can hurt your skin. Moisture can help control your itches. One great technique to control an itch is putting an icepack on the place where your itch is. 

4 – Shave Carefully

Take care of your skin during the winter by being careful when shaving. You can do this by using extra shaving cream and leaving it on a few minutes before you begin shaving. This will help your skin retain moisture.

5 – Moisturize

It’s important to protect your skin from the weather by making moisturizing a part of your daily routine. After washing your face and hands and before you go outside, apply a layer of moisturizer or sunscreen.

Of course, all these tips and more will help keep your skin from drying out and combat irritation. It may also be important to understand your specific skin needs. Schedule a consultation with us to get more personalized methods to skin care. We can advise specialized care for your unique skin health needs. We want you to glow and shine – no matter the weather, no matter the season.