Intravenous (IV) Nutritional Therapy has been in use since the 50s.

While oral vitamins are well known, with an IV vitamin drip, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients are circulated through your bloodstream, delivering them straight to cells. Think of this as a form of “direct deposit” because these nutrients achieve maximum absorption and are immediately ready for use. There is no waiting for them to clear the digestive system and liver.

Relax while receiving essential nutrients for optimal health, wellbeing and athletic performance. We provide blankets and magazines for your pleasure, making the session as comfortable as it is beneficial.

What is an IV?
An intravenous infusions the injection into a vein of a solution, drugs, or blood components.

Why choose in IV?
IV drugs or metabolites have 100% bioavailability. That is, they enter our circulation immediately and are 100% available to our cells.


Orally administered drugs must pass through the intestinal wall and the liver; which are both common sites of first-pass metabolism. Thus many substrates may be metabolized before adequate concentrations can enter circulation.

Low bioavailability is most common with oral forms of poor water-soluble, slowly absorbed substrates.

Age, sex, physical activity, genetics, competing drugs or foods, stress, GI disorders (like malabsorption syndromes), or previous GI surgery (like bariatric surgery) can also affect drug bioavailability ( Le, J. 2016).

Therefore, bioavailability of oral agents is highly variable as well as low.

(Information from Le, J. at the Professional Merck Manual Online, 2016)

IV Nutrition Drip Menu​



Pure Hydration
500 mL of balanced electrolyte fluid for ultimate hydration

Hydrate Plus
1000 mL of balanced electrolyte fluid

Classic “Myer’s Cocktail”

Your most essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for overall wellness and hydration as well as a generous dose of Glutathione to help boost immunity, energy and antioxidant support.

Immune Booster

Multivitamins and minerals with extra Vitamin C, Selenium, Zinc and Glutathione to strengthen your immune system. It will shorten the duration of acute illness or can be used preventatively!

Weight Loss

Vitamins and minerals to help boost metabolism and suppress appetite, as well as Carnitine and Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC) to help use stored fat and build lean muscle.


Referred to as “the poor man’s hyperbaric chamber.” This drip is super oxygenating, a natural alternative to antibiotics that also increases your metabolism 100% during infusion. It increases mental alertness and visual acuity. This IV causes a 20-35% increase in your killer “T” and “B” cells, boosting your immune system, providing a 24 hour feeling of relaxation.


Helps suppress feelings of depression and anxiety while working to decrease cholesterol

Methionine, Inositol and Choline (MIC)
Three powerful fat burners that also help lower cholesterol

Helps to strengthen nails while nurturing hair growth and healthy skin

Boosts energy and immunity while promoting healthy skin

​Ask our staff about other IV options such as macular degeneration and ophthalmic, asthma, migraine or anxiety support.