These days, the name of the game is “green” from the household products you use to the types of smoothies you drink. Individuals are flocking towards natural products that promote a healthy lifestyle and environmentally friendly world, and it’s definitely easy to believe products labeled “natural” are the safer choice. While this health-conscious mentality is truly nothing to sneeze at, it begs the question: Are conventional, or “synthetic,” products unfairly demonized in this growing-green world, especially when it comes to your beauty skincare products?

Research suggests that, yes; natural products can sometimes be misleading in their labels, often containing the same ingredients as “synthetic” products but under a different name. A 2016 European study found that all the natural cosmetics researchers tested either contained a natural chemical classified as dangerous or used natural ingredients for which the safety information was unavailable. These researchers concluded that, according to the European chemical legislation, there were loopholes when it came to natural personal care products and were “not in line with… adequate consumer and environmental protection.” Given that information, it’s easy to wonder if these results translate across the pond.

In an interview with Refinery29 (a women’s entertainment company), beauty experts behind some of the most popular skin care brands discussed one of the main concerns in the natural product world: effectiveness. The point of buying a beauty product or undergoing a cosmetic procedure is to see results, but if you’re only using products with ineffective plant extracts, are you really getting what you want?

When it comes to your beauty regimen, this is the most important place to start– what you want and need. Debates such as these don’t usually take your individual needs into consideration, and certain products that work for someone else–whether natural or conventional– may not work for you. Perhaps that’s where the conversation should shift. At Profiles, the discussion isn’t about which label is best, but instead, which products are best-suited for you as an individual.

If au naturel is the direction you’d like to go, Avène offers a full range of hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic products to address the needs of sensitive skin and is Profiles’ premier natural skin care line. Formulated with pharmaceutical standards, all products feature breakthrough ingredients and soothing, softening Avène Thermal Spring Water. With over 270 years of expertise, this company is trusted by millions worldwide and is free of preservatives. Profiles has you covered on advanced conventional product lines as well, backed by years of science. Ask about a couple of our favs – SkinCeuticals and Obagi Medical!

Let’s face it: The natural versus “synthetic” debate can often lead to more questions than answers, leaving you stuck in the middle wondering which direction to take your beauty routine. The good news is that there are professionals, like the team of experts at Profiles, who can help you decide what’s best for you. With a trusted team dedicated to helping you feel and look your best by your side, you don’t need to worry about the polarizing debates taking the beauty world by storm. Profiles lets you work alongside the specialists to customize a routine with procedures or products that are fit specifically to your unique needs. And what’s better– we always have your health and safety in mind, which means you can put your mind at ease while you put your best face forward.