It was a wild year, wasn’t it? We have certainly felt the year’s ups and downs. For many, the New Year is a time to focus on the future, while reflecting on the past. It’s a time many set health goals for themselves – a time to introduce new things into our routines. That’s what makes January a good time to consider IV Nutritional Therapy with our clinic. From high blood pressure and fatigue to joint pain and weight gain, IV therapy can help. Stick with me on this one. 

What is IV Nutritional Therapy

You’ve seen an IV before, a little bag of liquids hanging next to a patient in the hospital. But it’s not always like that. IV’s can also be a part of your health routine. It’s like a direct deposit of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients into your body. And it’s quicker and more efficient than taking vitamin pills, for instance. 

IV therapy has been known to improve health in many areas of the body and can be a great way to boost your nutrition levels. 

What’s right for you

Our clinic aims to help patients meet their goals and pursue treatments that make sense for them. Our patients have seen quite a bit of success in using our IV treatments to manage a wide array of health issues and goals. That’s why we have five main groups of IV treatments: hydration, classic, immunity, weight loss, oxygenation. 

Our hydration treatment is used to hydrate your whole body with a balanced electrolyte fluid. It’s the ultimate way to hydrate. Our classic “Myer’s Cocktail” focuses on wellness and hydration along with boosting immunity, energy, and antioxidant support. Our immunity IV treatment will give you extra Vitamin C, Selenium, Zinc and Glutathione to strengthen your immune system. For weight loss, our IV treatment seeks to boost metabolism and suppress appetite, as well as use stored fat and build lean muscle. And, lastly, our oxygenation or “H2O2” treatment will increase mental awareness, boost metabolism, and leave you feeling relaxed.

Schedule a free consultation today, and start your new year off with new habits. 

Happy New Year!