Many healthcare providers are addressing their patients’ unique health needs by helping them reach their genetic potential through nutrition. For those patients with chronic illnesses, finding life-changing solutions to life-long problems can be challenging. Metagenics has become one of the most-trusted names in neutrogenomic-based health and lifestyle medicine and works exclusively with healthcare providers to provide products, programs and recommendations for a higher level of personalized, lifetime wellness care.

For over 25 years, this global lifestyle medicine company, has focused on lifestyle modifications for a healthy diet and exercise plan to promote a healthy mind, body and spirit. One of the cornerstones of Metagenics is the First Line Therapy program. This program is guided by practitioners to help patients survive and thrive with chronic illnesses. Specifically, this approach includes physical activity-based, personalized interventions that include behavior modifications, diet, exercise and appropriate nutritional support. Metagenics, Inc. calls FirstLine Therapy personalized lifestyle medicine that offers many benefits*:

  • Provides a structured system to teach patients behavior modifications for a lifetime approach to healthy living
  • Provides an initial 12-week structured program for patients as well as comprehensive, ongoing clinical support for your practice
  • Combines useful tools with ongoing learning opportunities through advanced seminars and webinars
  • Offers clinically demonstrated, successful medical nutrition therapy for supporting the management of healthy blood sugar, cardiovascular health, and body composition

Patients who work with Metagenics find the plans become a way of life. Expert practitioners in the fields of Bariatric, Chiropractic, Functional Medicine, Integrative, Naturopathic and Nutritionists provide ongoing guidance to practitioners for their betterment of their patients. Specific health categories include: Cardiometabolic, Cognitive, Digestive, Foundational, Musculoskeletal and Obesity. This wide-range of expertise is paired with continuous ongoing educational opportunities including webinars, group meetings and seminars.

In addition to Metagenics, the evaluation of hormones can determine a plan to survive and thrive with hormonal deficiency associated with aging. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy addresses women in perimenopause as well as men with decreasing testosterone levels.

For women in perimenopause, a complete physical including a thyroid check, blood sugar test and vitamin D3 test are recommended. These tests can rule out non-hormonal factors that are causing perimenopausal symptoms. The hormone check will measure estrogen, progesterone, follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH). The FSH and LH help control the menstrual cycle and the production of eggs. Based on test results, a customized bioidentical hormone replacement therapy program can be created specifically to address symptoms to maximize benefits and relief.

For aging men, decreasing testosterone results in decreased muscle strength and sexual response including impotence. Many men see an increase in body mass and composition. The importance of testosterone cannot be understated; it has been shown to prevent osteoporosis, arthritis and depressed mood, to improve memory and protect against cardiovascular disease in both men and women.

To determine testosterone levels, extensive blood tests are conducted to determine a “baseline” of hormone levels and potentially identify other medical conditions. Treatment programs include testosterone replenishment supervised by medical professionals to continually monitor progress and make adjustments for maximum results.

Let us help you reach your genetic potential. Call us today for more information on these services and more to help you live your best life!