Depression can place massive burdens on a patient and their family. With this understanding, our clinic is working with the breakthrough medication, Ketamine, to help our patients reduce their depression symptoms.


In many places, depression is a taboo subject, with certain social stigmas and misunderstandings. That is why it is important for our clinic to be open and forward-thinking. Depression is the #​1 leading cause of disability​ in the U.S. and is one of the top ​3 workplace issues​ in the U.S. Our clinic seeks to give hope to our patients and offer Ketamine therapy as one option to add in their mental health treatment plan.

Ketamine Therapy

In recent years, dozens of​ studies​ have shown that Ketamine can provide assistance to those suffering from severe depression. Even in these most difficult-to-treat cases, Ketamine can be successful up to 80% of the time. Through a series of Ketamine infusions, patients report improved symptoms within 1-2 months. Ketamine therapy is currently the only fast-acting treatment proven to reduce the symptoms of even the most severe forms of depression.

It is an innovative therapy that has produced results in patients that have been unresponsive to traditional depression therapy.

This type of therapy is not a stand-alone treatment plan, though. Ketamine infusions should be a part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Our clinic recommends that our infusions are part of a multidisciplinary plan that includes a mental health provider, a healthy diet, psychotherapy and plenty of physical activity. For all patients, your overall mental health care must be directed by a primary care or mental health provider. We require that all patients schedule history and physical exams with our Certified Nurse Practitioner prior to your first Ketamine Infusion.

In the meantime, you can schedule a​ free consultation today​ to discuss what this could mean for your mental health.




Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash