The biggest complaint I hear when talking to people about what they drink to beat the summer heat is that they don’t like drinking water. What’s the major turnoff to cool off with nature’s clear liquid natural resource? From “It doesn’t taste like anything” to “It’s just as easy to grab a soda,” the reasons are many. Fortunately, there are several other healthy options at your disposal to stay cool over the next few months. Many of these choices are delicious but can have major calories if you don’t select the purest versions. The list has a lot of options that can be great additions to your regular water intake:

Coconut water – Okay, the word “water” is in the title and when you see “coconut” you might initially think mixed drink. However, this healthy refresher has natural electrolytes and a lot of magnesium. It is delicious and a great alternative to sugary drinks.

Pomegranate juice – Antioxidant-rich, pure pom juice packs a punch. Drink the non-sugar added pom juice and you have found the complete antithesis to “boring” water. For maximum benefit (and lowest calories), squeeze your own with fresh pomegranates.

Green tea – Hot or cold, green tea is good for reducing inflammation, detoxifying the body and is full of antioxidants. This popular beverage is easy to make.

Orange juice – Some people only equate orange juice with breakfast or its vitamin C to combat colds and flu. However, oj is good for seasonal allergies as well.

Cranberry juice – Delicious and tart, cranberry juice has often been used to ward against urinary tract issues. If you haven’t, personal testimony says it works. Similar to orange juice, cranberry juice has a higher sugar content than other juices, so drink sparingly.

Ginger tea – Great for stomach upset, indigestion and motion sickness, ginger tea is great with some honey. A perfect warm drink that has been used for generations.

Tomato juice – Lycopene-rich tomato juice is a super-powered antioxidant. If you’ve only ever had tomato juice in that beloved breakfast cocktail, it might be time to try tomato juice as a stand-alone beverage.

Hot chocolate – This one seems too good to be good to be true. If you’re heating up a common grocery-store version, you might be loading up on sugar and calories. To live the fairytale, mix low-fat milk or water with a spoonful of cocoa powder or dark chocolate powder. You might have to try this combination a few times (Yay!) to get the flavor that you want. Remember that the darker the chocolate, the less sugary it tastes (and is healthier).

Beet juice – This one might be a tougher sell, but beets are really healthy. Not known for being the most sought-after, beet juice is good for lowering blood pressure because it helps increase the flow of blood to the brain. It has a lot of calcium, iron and magnesium.