As you run at full speed (well, as fast as you can in this heat) towards Fall, hoping for the slightest relief from the blazing sun, keep in mind that the cooler weather brings its own challenges for your precious skin.

Even looking as good as you will in those boots you just bought to wear during your favorite season, if your skin isn’t on point then what’s it all for, really? But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with tips to fight the forces of dry air and cool weather.

Start Gathering, Little Squirrel

Now is a great time to take inventory of the items you have as allies in protecting your skin as temperatures drop. Use these five Autumn-inspired reminders to see what you need to stock up on. And we promise there’s not a pumpkin spiced anything among them.

Get a humidifier

The key thing to keep in mind (and will be a theme for most of these tips) is that cool air dries you out. Having a great humidifier in your home can create a home base for your moisture fight each day. In addition to helping your skin, the humidifier can also help your sleep and alleviate dry nasal passages caused by cold weather.

A moisturizer with some muscle

You’re probably proud of yourself for keeping up with your moisturizing in the summer months with a nice, light lotion that helped protect you while you were poolside. But now it’s time to graduate to a thicker moisturizer that means business.

Cooldown your shower

Yes, it sounds counterintuitive (and a lot uncomfortable), but taking a cold, or at least cool, shower can be a lifesaver for your skin. Dr. Michele Green says, “A cold shower tightens the pores and it also seals in moisture.” We all want to crank up the heat in the shower on cold mornings, but you end up drying out your skin. Plus, a cold shower will get you from groggy to fully awake faster than your morning espresso.

Time to exfoliate

The cold air coupled with the hot air you get every time you go back inside wreaks havoc on your skin. Exfoliating can really help kick that in reverse and reduce those effects. “You can do it once every two weeks in warmer months, but you need to up that to once a week in fall and winter,” says dermatologist Kavita Mariwalla. “This will open the pores and ready them for moisturizer.”

Fall into some transformation

Autumn is a great time to transform more than just your wardrobe. Many people take advantage of the change in season to finally do something they’ve been putting off like removing that double-chin that has been bothering them. Kybella® is the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment to reduce fat under the chin. Talk about showing your skin some love and rejuvenating your confidence this season! If you’re a SculpSure fan, you’ll be pleased to know that they now offer under the chin body contouring to remove that pesky submental fat.

You should certainly be excited for the cool weather that’s approaching, but take advantage of this early warning and get what you need in order to maintain and nourish that beautiful skin of yours.